This commercial begins with a silver/gray 2013 Ford Mustang driving down a city street. It catches the attention of a beautiful brunette in a little black dress, and as she stares at it, it changes to a bright, cherry red color. Further down the road, a chef with an arm tattoo who is standing sees it, and it changes white with a tribal design to match his tattoo. Later, a guy on the sidewalk with a bicycle looks up from his cell phone and it changes green to match his shirt. The car reaches the corner and little girl in a pink ballerina outfit sees it. It quickly changes pink to match her tutu, but then flashes to a glossy black. As the car drives by we see the reflection of the little girl in the tinted windows as a black angel and she smiles at it as it drives by.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Everyone has an inner Mustang. Unleash yours. The new 2013 Mustang. 
When I discovered the wonder of  
The path was easier to see 
There ain’t no other but the one I love 
Won't you come deliver me? 
That's how our heart, it starts 
That's how our heart, it starts 
That's how our heart, it starts

Written Text

Shelby GT500 Model coming Summer 2012 
The New 2013 Mustang

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