This commercial for Verizon and Verizon 4G LTE Tablets features Susie and her lemonade business. Susie is in a meeting with her team, discussing where to next take the business. Ideas suggested are for chocolate lemonade, or a movie about Susie's Lemonade Stand business. When one of the girls at the board meeting table, chewing bubblegum, blows a big pink bubble, Susie gets the idea to go pink, with pink lemonade. Susie uses her Verizon 4G LTE tablet to get the new pink lemonade business underway. She has her lemonade stand van painted bright pink, holds a focus group with a room full of kids who are running around screaming with delight after tasting the new pink lemonade. Susie is in a grocery store as the shelves are being stocked with her new pink lemonade product. Two kids hang out by the water cooler, which is actually a pink lemonade cooler, talk about Susie and her business savvy.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

OK guys, what's next? Chocolate lemonade Susie's Lemonade, the movie. Or we make it pink. With these 4G LTE tablets, you can do business at lightning fast speeds. We'll take all the strawberries, Dave. You got it kid. We have a winner. We're definitely gonna need another one. Small businesses that want to grow use 4G LTE technology from Verizon. I wonder how she does it. That's why she's the boss. Because the small business with the best technology rules.

Written Text

Susie's Lemonade 4G LTE Tablets Let me know how it goes. Focus groups went great! Susie's Pink Lemonade The Small Business With The Best Technology Rules verizon 800 VZW 4BIZ

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