"Harmony" This commercial shows someone holding an iPhone and setting up the new Apple iCloud feature. They enable the feature and immediately, the services starts to wirelessly sync their device with "the cloud" which makes it available from other iTunes-enabled computers and devices. They show the person purchasing an album from iTunes, and the album magically appears on their iPad and MacBook Air. Next they take a picture using their iPhone, and the picture shows up on their home desktop computer and laptop. They add an event to their calendar and it is also synced up. iCloud also syncs up your Apps, contacts, iBooks, and other items as well.

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Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud. iPhone 4S iCloud needs OSX Lion & Wi-Fi for Photo Stream. Sequences accelerated. contacts, calendars, and more and wirelessly pushes them to your devices Use iCloud Don't Use iCloud What is iCloud You - Kate Havnevik: Krakowska, Mouth 2 Mouth, Halo Howcast, DrawCast, Find Friends, Numbers, LivingSocial, FlipBoard, Loading... New Contact - Anna Haro - (917) 545-3509 Anna Haro, Anthony Williams, Antoine Chaoussat, Ashley Varing, Austin Cohen Anna Haro - Mobile: 917-545-3509, Work: 212-203-1240, Home:, Work: 596 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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