"Pockets" This commercial shows a guy coming home at night. He comes through the door which wakes up his dog (a bloodhound), and begins taking everything out of his pockets. He starts with his keys and then his wallet, cell phone, a concert ticket, a small box or booklet from a psychic, his sunglasses (with one missing lens), a strip of images from a photo booth, a pair of dice with Chinese symbols on them, and a packet of hot sauce from Taco Bell.

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(Lyrics) Five, Six, Seven, Eight (5, 6, 7, 8) Oh, god is good, but I am great I am delusional I am rock and roll and you're not goona take it from me, no Everybody's clapping along

Written Text

Slab Hauler, State Theater, 8pm Show 9th dimension, 24 HR. Psychic Border Sauce, Fire, That was fun, Live Mas Taco Bell - Live Mas ("Live More" in Spanish)

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