"This Good" 
This commercial begins with someone browsing their photos on an iPad. They click one, and it pops up in beautiful clarity. They zoom in on a butterfly, and it's still a crisp, sharp image. Next, they are looking at an image of a pink flower, and decide to edit the colors by changing the saturation. Next they flip through the pages of a children's book, and then watch the scene from the movie, "Up" where they release all the balloons to begin lifting the house. Finally, someone is shown "painting" with an app by using their fingers to create a landscape scene.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When a screen becomes this good, colors are more vibrant. Words are pin sharp. Everything is more brilliant. Because when a screen becomes this good, it's simply you and the things you care about. The stunning retina display on the new iPad.

Written Text

goslings. The goose wanted to chase the duckling from the lake, However, when he swam closer he changed his mind. 
"You're so ugly that none of my goslings will even look at you," said the goose and so he let the ugly duckling join his flock. 
Autumn had come. The days became shorter and colder. One day the flock of geese prepared to leave and then flew away, leaving the little duckling all alone. 
A fierce winter arrived. Show fell and the lake was covered by a thick layer of ice. The duckling, who had never before seen winter, didn't know how to find anything to eat. He was hungry and freezing. In the end the duckling was exhausted and collapsed at the edge of the lake.

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