This commercial begins with a nice green landscape with a "Funnovations" factory in the background, and celebrity, Mr. T shaping a tree into the shape of a T-Shirt. We go inside, and Mr. T with his trademark mohawk haircut in a suit ready to give us a tour. 
We see a bunch of people wearing "boxy", poorly fitting T-shirts on an assembly line with a moving walkway. They enter an enclosed are with their oversized shirts and get zapped by a giant Mr. T robot head with a monocle which turns the boxy shirt into a perfectly tailored fitting T-shirt. 
Not only is the new T-shirt well fitting, but it is also softer. We see Mr. T being lowered from the ceiling to give a man a backrub to show his softer side.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At Funnovations Inc. we have an all-new "T" machine run by Mr. T himself to make our best tees ever. Tailored Tees make better fitting tees. 
From boxy to foxy. 
And a softer Mr. T makes them softer tees. 
I sympathize with the fool who wears a scratchy tee. 
Tee-da! Its a total tee makeover. Buy a new best tee, get another one free. 

Written Text

Old Navy 
Funnovations Inc. 
Best Tee, Buy a Tee, Get One Free 
Old Navy: Come Fun, Come All 
T-Shirt, TShirt T Shirt, Tee-Shirt, TeeShirt, Tee Shirt, T's, Ts, Tee's, Tees

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