"Coloring Book" This commercial shows a woman walking into a house where the interior is covered in white paper from floor to ceiling. She has a black marker with her and starts to draw on the wall. Her rough draft sketch of a curtain rod turns into a real curtain rod and new curtains unroll from it. She pulls the curtains open and behind them is a new window that wasn't there before. Next she starts to draw a line along the hallway and wainscoting and fresh paint appears as the paper rolls away. In the bathroom, her husband is drawing things of his own and she comes in to help and sinks and shelves appear. The man draws in a staircase and the women follows down the new stairs "hanging" pictures by drawing them making them appear. With their newly remodeled house, the woman sits down to relax on the couch and look through an electronic version of the Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine on her touchscreen tablet computer (iPad). To add the final touch, the man draws a doggie door and the family dog walks in to join them.

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Refresh your home this Spring with Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine - inspiration on every page. Now available free for iPad on the App Store. Lowe's, never stop improving. (Lyrics) Looking through a land of gold Only with my naked eye

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Lowe's Creative Ideas Available on the App Store Your new Bath Room Lowe's - Never Stop Improving Lowes, Lows, Loews

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