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This commercial begins with a view of a city street at night. The camera zooms in on a shop window with a model Roman-style building with pillars. In the middle of the building is a jewelled leopard covered in diamonds and other precious stones. The model then becomes "real" and sun shines through a skylight in the building onto the spotted leopard causing sparkles to flow into the air and form intertwined golden rings. The jewels explode off the big cat and it turns into a real furry leopard. The rest of the building starts to explode and the animal jumps onto the floating rings and then flies out of the skylight in the ceiling. When it lands, it is in a world covered in snow. It begins chasing a horse-drawn sleigh across a frozen river, but when it catches up, it just continues running past it. It continues on to a mountainous area near a cliff where huge golden rings are set up which it runs through and continues past the land into a rocky region. While walking through the rocks, a huge, golden, Asian stylized dragon rises up out of the stones. This flying mythical beast begins chasing the leopard. They meet at the top of a mountain, and the dragon flys away, but its body streatches out and becomes a huge wall similar to the Great Wall of China. The leopard's journey continues through the mountains where it goes through a cave and comes out into a room full of jewelled trees and animals similar to how it was in the beginning of the ad. There are snakes, an aligator, a peacock, hummingbirds, butterflies, and more. The leopard leaves and is on the terrace of a huge palace. The palace itself is on the back of a gigantic elephant which is walking through the desert. Out of nowhere, a man comes flying through on an old-fashioned airplane with paper/fabric wings and body. The leopard jumps off the elephant's back and onto the airplane and it flies off. After a long flight, the end up in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. While flying over the Grand Palais, the leopard jumps off and starts walking across the glass ceiling of this huge building. It walks in front of a huge clock which looks more like the face of a watch (10:10pm). It jumps off the building and runs across a huge terrace covered in street lamps and into another building. It runs up the steps and meets a beautiful brunette in a red dress (Shalom Harlow). The woman is wearing a bracelett that has a jewelled leopard on it and she pets the real leopard. The camera zooms out, and they are inside a jewelry box which closes on them.

Written Text

L'Odyssee de Carier Cartier presents Cartier - Jewellers Since 1847 Cheetah, Snow Leopard, Spotted Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Panther, Jaguar, Feline

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