This commercial is the comedic "biography" of the life of billionaire Richard Branson. We see him as a todler with a goatee who is already thinking about Virgin Mobile cell phone service by pulling the wire out of the wall of his mother's phone (wireless). As a young boy (still with a goatee), he sets up a lemonade stand and spa to raise money. Kids are enjoying delicous lemonade with cucumber slices on their eyes while Richard is a DJ with multiple turntables set up. Later on he is shown delivering newspapers with a whole crew so the job can get done as quickly as possible. The newspapers are thrown from bikes and land directly in the news slots (except for one which hits a man in the face as he opens the door at the wrong moment). As a teen, he hangs out with his friends while wearing orthodontic head gear and tells them how in the future they will all talk to each other with their thumbs (i.e., texting). They think he is crazy. As a young adult, he's still thinking about how to create the best phone service even while laying in bed with a pretty girl. In each of the situations above, he got slapped for his "silly" ideas, but he was driven by a higher calling. We then see him in present times with him in his personal space ship orbiting the Earth. His mobile phone is floating in zero gravity

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Long before Richard Branson created airlines and space ships, he envisioned Virgin Mobile. A phone company that would make ordinary experiences extraordinary and get people what they want as fast as possible. Oi! They all thought he was mad. In the future we will all be able to talk to each other with our thumbs. Right... are you mental? It's just so simple, he thought. Why pay for minutes when it's unlimited data you really need. And while not all his dreams were embraced, he was driven by a higher calling. This is Richard Branson, and he is hear to service you. Every last one of you. Unlimited data and messaging just $35 a month. (Lyrics) Yeah, night is dark, and the moon is how much I try

Written Text

Lemonade - 5 pennies Lemonade Spa Virgin Mobile - $35/month - unlimited data and messaging included

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