"More to Love" This stop motion commercial shows a woman sitting on a bench under a tree in a nice green field. She pulls out a single piece of Dove chocolate wrapped in foil. A young guy shows up that she seems to like. He grabs one end of the bench and stretches it out so there is room form him to sit down next to her. Her one piece of chocolate doesn't seem big enough any more so she grabs the end of it like the guy did with the bench and stretches it out into a candy bar. She breaks it in half to share with the cute guy. The man then grabs a tree branch and stretches it out so that they are both in the shade. The girl gets up to leave on her bike, then while looking back at the man, she stretches it out into a bicycle-built-for-two. The man hops on then stretches out the entire horizon and they go riding off into the distance on a nice dirt road.

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It's always better when there is more to love. Introducing our Silky Smooth Dove Chocolate Bar. (Lyrics) Hey nana, hey na na Hey nana, hey na na Hey nana, hey na na Hey nana, hey, hey I've got a little secret too I've got a mad little crush on you I wonder if you notice, wonder if you see I wonder if you ever want to dance with me

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Dove Milk Chocolate More to love Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate

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