This commercial begins with a woman driving her GMC Terrain SUV through the city. Her on-board automatically computer gives her a weather alert, and she calls into work to say she can't make it. At the same time, the car gives her a new route after it discovers that an accident has occurred ahead. 
It turns out that the weather isn't actually preventing her from getting to work - she is actually taking advantage of the strong winds to go surfing. After she's done, she uses the communication system in the car to have a conference call.

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The 32 highway MPG Terrain, with a navigation system that never stops navigating, BlueTooth connectivity, and the quiet that could only come from active noise cancellation. The only thing more amazing than the GMC Terrain's technology is what you can do with it. 
Woman: Call work. 
Dave: Hello, this is Dave. 
Woman: Hey Dave, I'm going to have to cover that 3 o'clock meeting by conference call. 
Woman: Call work. Dave, are we all set to begin?

Written Text

Weather Alerts - Please check your weather feature for details. 
Los Angeles, CA 
Dewpoint: 43 F 
Visibility: 10 mi 
Pressure: 30.17 inHg 
Wind: NW 37 mph 
Windy 50 F / 55 F 
Better Route Available - Road closed / Multiple incidents in 0.2 mi. New route 5 min (0 mi) 
GMC - We are professional grade

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