This commercial shows a bunch of bored parents at a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting. Some parents are yelling at the school board, and everyone is just tired of being there. A little girl peeks out from behind a curtain, and then other children come down the stairs into the room. They all have plates of Oreo cookies which immediately changes the feelings in the room. Everyone starts smiling as they are offered the Oreos. The adults twiest the cookies apart so they can lick out the cream in the center, and some of them dip their cookies in milk which the kids also brought in.

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You do something to me that nobody else could do

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Parent Teacher Organization 
Approval of Minutes 
School Meals Revamp 
Campus Expansion Project 
Community Outreach 
Any Other Business 
Oreo 100th Birthday - Celebrate the Kid Inside - oreo.com/birthday 
Recess for Everyone!

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Oreo Commercial - Oreo Cookie Balls Song feat. JINX

Oreo Commercial

Oreo Commercial

Oreo Commercial

Oreo Commercial

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