This commercial features the Travelers Insurance dog. He is being a good dog, and is helping his owners around the house. He starts by filling in a hold in the back yard, and then getting the hose and sprinkler to help the grass re-grown there. Then before he goes inside, he wipes off his feet on the rug so he doesn't track dirt inside. Next he picks up an empty water bottle and puts it in the recycling bin. After a ride to the store in the car, he helps by putting the owners keys on the table and then brings groceries inside. He looks both ways before crossing the sidewalk (to avoid running into a mother with her baby stroller). When one of the kids spills his milk, the dog goes to get a towel to help clean up the spill. Finally, when his food bowl is empty, he helps to load the dishwasher by putting the dish in the rack.

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Everyone likes to be recognized for doing the right thing. That's why at Travelers, we reward good behavior by offering valuable discounts and features. Call 1-888-707-4694 or visit to see the ways you can save money. Like saving up to 25% on auto insurance by insuring your car, home, and more with Travelers. And taking extra care on the road may get your our safe driver advantage. And loyal customers may even benefit from accident forgiveness for when there's a bump in the road. So call today and you can get rewarded for the good things you do that maybe nobody notices. Travelers - rewarding good behavior. For a quote, or to find a local agent call 1-888-707-4694 or visit good behavior dotcom today. Bark, woof! Good job! (Lyrics) Oh, I've been good, I've been good to you

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Rewarding Good Behavior Call 1-888-707-4694 Multi-policy auto discount up to 25% Safe Driver Advantage Accident Forgiveness Travelers - It's better under the umbrella Good Behavior dot com

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