This commercial features Ellen DeGeneres in sale shopping hell (notice the sale signs say 666). She is shopping for shoes, but all the shoes are gone because there was a doorbuster sale that started at 6am, and she didn't show up until 8am. She asks if it's always been this way, and then has a 1950's TV sitcom dream-like flashback. An alarm clock goes off at 6am, and she thinks everyone is crazy for getting up so early. Each time she tries to make her point, canned laughter / a laugh track is heard.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ellen: Excuse me, where are all the shoes? 
Saleswoman: Girl, the sale started at 6am. 
Ellen: Well, girl, it's only 8:20. Why so early? Has it always been this way? 
Wife: Rise and shine Joe. It's six AM. We have to get to the sale. 
Ellen: Have you lost your marbles? Why do we have to get up so early? Won't the same things be on sale later today? 
Ellen: Why is that so funny?

Written Text

Doorbuster Shoe Sale 666 
6am to 6pm 6 pair limit 
No door busting, just great prices all the time. That's fair and square. 
JCP, JCPenney, JCPenny, JC Penney, JC Penny

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