This commercial for the Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohl's features Jennifer Lopez, singing and dancing with a group of male dancers, as she shows off several different outfits from her clothing collection. She begins wearing white shorts and a white sequined long-sleeve shirt. Next she wears a pair of boyfriend jeans, a bright, multi-colored shirt with yellow heels. Her third outfit is a pink halter top paired with white dress pants. The fourth outfit is a blue dress with Jennifer Lopez accessories. Her final clothing change is a green and yellow dress.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) I heat up (I heat up)  
I cool down (I cool down)  
When something gets in my way I go around it 
I got the music in me 
I got the music in me 
I got the music in me 
Feel funky feels good 
Wanna tell ya, I'm in the neighborhood 
I got the music in me 
Ain't got no troubles in my life

Written Text

Jennifer Lopez 
Apparel Accessories Home 
Only At Kohl's

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