"Tour Bus" 
This commercial shows a bunch of tour buses following around a car. In one bus is the band, Neon Trees, with the lead singer wearing sunglasses in the shape of hearts. The woman driver stops to pick up some dry cleanings, and then we see bus #2 which has a country music band, bus #3 has a classical orchestra, while bus #4 has a group of hooded chanting monks. The woman comes back out with her clothes, gets in the car and starts up Pandora music streaming and selects a Neon Trees song. The bus driver for the band turns around and says, "You guys are on" and the group starts singing the song she chose. As they start driving away, one of the classical musicians (trumpet player) says, "I can't believe she's listening to that noise."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

He Eddie, where is she going now? 
Looks like the dry cleaners. 
The dry cleaners, the dry cleaner, the dry cleaner. 
You guys are on. 
I can't believe she's listening to that noise. 
The all new Buick Verano, gives you Pandora music streaming. Unexpected technology that lets your favorite music go wherever you do. 
It started with a whisper 
And that was when I kissed her

Written Text

Neon Trees 
Dry Cleaners 
On the Road 
Now Playing, Phone, AM, FM, XM, Pandora, Stitcher, CD 
Pandora QuickMix, The Neon Trees, Everybody Talks, Everybody Talks Single 
All-New Buick Verano

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