This commercial begins in a bar. There is a band setting up in the back, and one of the band members gets on the microphone to tell the audience that their guitar player is sick. He tells them not to worry because they have found a replacement, and then introduces Peter Frampton and his famous black Les Paul Custom guitar (which he though was destroyed in a plane crash, but was miraculously returned to him in December 2011). He starts playing and a woman from the audience stares at him in disbelieve - likely having a crush on him since childhood. 
The commercial is about unexpected pleasures, and how the new Buick Verano is full of them.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, our guitar player is sick, but don't worry, we've found a replacement... Mr. Peter Frampton. 
Hello ... house. 
Unexpected pleasures are the best part of life. Why not drive one every day? Introducing the all new Verano. It's unexpected and unprecedented luxury for a car this size. 
The all new Verano from Buick

Written Text

QuietTuned Interior, Intellilink, Heated Steering Wheel 
Pandora, Jason Collett Radio, Love is a Dirty Word, Jason Collett, Rat A Tat Tat 
All-New Buick Verano

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