"Closet Makeover" 
This computer animated commercial shows a young squirrel bringing and acorn back to his home in a hollow tree. He walks over to the closet to put the acorn away and it explodes open spilling his cache of nuts all over the house - even into his parent's coffee cups. One of the older squirrels pulls out their iPad and looks up Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine online and figures out how to organize their closet. Soon, their closet is perfectly organized with drawers, cabinets, and shelves, and they are all happy.

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Get your home organized this spring with Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine. Now available free on the App Store. Lowe's - never stop improving 
Do do do dodo do do

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Lowe's - Never Stop Improving 
Lowe's, Lowes, Loew's, Loews

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