This commercial shows two guys in a Subway restaurant eating subs that they added pepperoni to. They begin to daydream that they are in Italy riding in a gondola down the canals in Venice. They are enjoying themselves until they look directly at each other and realize that these boat rides are typically reserved for loving couples. They snap out of their dream, now a bit uncomfortable, and decide to talk about manly things instead.

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Meatball Marinara with pepperoni is amazing. So good. See the game last night? Of course I did. It was good. Spice up any sub with pepperoni and get a lot more flavor for just a little bit extra. Pepperoni's the new bacon, only at Subway. (Lyrics) 'O Pepperoni How much I love you Makes all my subs-a Taste so much better

Written Text

Try it on any sub Subway, eat fresh

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'O Sole Mio
composed by Eduardo di Capua; written by

This Song is played in Subway Commercial
This commercial plays a version of this song with the lyrics changed to advertise Subway's pepperoni option.

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