Tom Selleck does the voiceover for this commercial for Coldwell Banker real estate, explaining how to measure the value of a home. The commercial is full of images of happy families enjoying their homes.

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How to put a value on a home. You start by taking the smell of pancakes made on a Sunday morning, and times that by the sound of kids laughing from the bottom of their bellies. Then you add the taste of a good Cabernet with family at Thanksgiving, and multiply that by the warmth of a winter fire. Then you subtract the stress of work and minus the struggles of the outside world. Add the power of a bedtime story and times that by the square root of a grandmother kissing her grandchild. Multiply all this by about 50,000 memories and 100,000 smiles. And then, you have the value of a home. Coldwell Banker. Where home begins.

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Coldwell Banker Real Estate

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