This commercial starts with a man buckling his seat belt. We can hear he is on a small, propeller plane, and the wind is whipping by his face. He jumps out (is pushed?) with nothing but a car seat that he is sitting in. Out of nowhere, parachutists fly up to him with the metal frame of a car. They put him in the driver position, and then start constructing more of the car including the top, the wheels and tires, the engine, and the steering wheel. The all have power tools and are securing all these parts in place while free falling. They all let go of the car and pull their parachutes while the car continues falling with the man inside. He lands on a giant stunt ramp in the middle of a stadium as he drives through the dirt, some off-road motorcycles drive up and start painting the car red as well as putting the body, doors, and interior on the vehicle. The bikers then jump off and ride off on their bikes as the Nissan Juke reaches another ramp and it flies into the air again. This time it lands in the water and a bunch of SCUBA divers swim up and install the windows, mirrors, headlights, and grill. The car sinks down to an underwater tunnel, and next thing you know it is driving out of a tunnel on land and continues down the road.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Nissan Juke, built to thrill.

Written Text

Nissan Shift_ 
Nissan Juke - Built to Thrill 
80 MXM 08 
Nissan. Innovation That Excites. 
Nissan Shift

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