This black and white commercial shows men working in a fabric / tailor shop in decades past. We then see how the process works from start to finish. We start in the field with some sheep, and are then shown huge bags of wool (may be cotton). The fluffy substance is run through machines to create thread. Men are seen marking and cutting fabric, and an old book is shown featuring the Burberry suit. An image of the Palace of Westminster (including the tower holding Big Ben) in London, England is shown. A button is seen being sewed on by hand, and needles are shown holding hems in place so they can be sewn as well. We then see the UK flag followed by an image of the London Tower Bridge. A montage of other scenes of suits being made are shown including cutting fabric by hand with large scissors, using a sewing machine, suits being custom tailored, and measuring tapes. Shown several times through the commercial is a young man wearing several different suits, sometimes holding a hand bag, an umbrella, or a dress coat.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Let us make amends 
We're not overly good friends 
But its not Heaven 
Without you 
You can have it all 
We'll see Mountains fall 
But it’s not Heaven 
Without you 
It's the symphony distorting 
When were not talking 
But its not Heaven without you

Written Text

The Burberry Suit 
The Burberry Lounge Suit 
Burning Benches 
Performed by Morning Runner 
Written by Greener / Wheatcroft / Derrett / Clewer 
Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd. 
Recording Licensed courtesy of EMI Records UK Ltd.

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