This commercial begins with a red compact car, a Toyota Yaris, driving through the desert salt flats. It parks next to a tiny plant which starts to grow as soon as the car stops, and becomes a series of pretty yellow flowers. It starts driving again and goes past a bouncing basketball and basketball hoop followed by a diving board and pool (still in the salt flats). We then see an overhead shot of the car making tracks on the ground, and everywhere the car has been driving starts turning into a suburban neighborhood. It then becomes a full city.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wherever life might take you. The new Toyota Yaris will keep you one step ahead. New Toyota Yaris - Planned for what's next (Lyrics) Tell it to your heart for what you are, you are

Written Text

Yaris New Toyota Yaris - Planned for what's next Today, Tomorrow, Toyota

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