This commercial starts with a scene of a "space shuttle" launch tower from a distance. The space shuttle is actually a huge Coors Light Aluminum Bottle. We are then taken into the control room where they are getting ready for the launch. The screw on the huge resealable cap, and the bottle launches into space.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Bravo Charlie, initiate launch sequence. Wide mouth is in position for resealable cap. Place and lock. Cooling. T-minus 34 degrees. Mountains are blue. Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint, you are clear for launch. Houston, we have refreshment. The Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint from Coors Light. The World's Most Refreshing Beer.

Written Text

34 Temperature 
Launch, Abort 
The Silver Bullet Pint - The Worlds Most Refreshing Beer 
Encounter the Coors Light Aluminum Pint at 
great beer, great responsibility

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