A bunch of men, with heavy Boston accents are sitting around the living room, talking about the new HD DVR from Dish, called the Hopper. The Boston accent makes is sound more like Haw-pah, as the men keep repeating it over and over. The wife, in the kitchen yells at the men "The Haw-pah!" and the daughter in her room yells downstairs "The Haw-pah!" while the grandfather, sitting in the basement watching TV yells at them all to shut up!

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey Tom, where's Barbara and the kids? We got Dish's new HD DVR, The Hopper. That one DVR lets us record up to six shows at once, and play them back in any room. The Hopper? Yeah, The Hopper. The Hopper? Hopper? Hoppa. Hoppah! The Hopper! The Hopper! Hopper. Hoppeh. Hoper? Hopa. Hopah! Hopper! Shut up! Hopper. Introducing The Hopper. One HD DVR for the whole home, free from Dish.

Written Text

1-800-WATCH-TV Free Hopper for up to 4 rooms

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