"Absolut Greyhound" 
DESERT: This commercial begins out in the salt flats of a desert. A man with strange sunglasses comes and posts something into the ground.  
BUILDING: We then switch to three men in a dark building. They walk up and connect themselves to various lighted electronic equipment.  
DESERT: A series of old cars, one with a flag on the hood, drive up and meet on the salt flats. Everyone who shows up is dressed in very unusual costumes. Some are wearing masks, one woman is wearing a hat with mirrors on it that hang down over her face, others are wearing strange hats, many are wearing very strange makeup, as well as weird clothing. As they arrive, they are served a pink grapefruit vodka-based drink. 
BUILDING: The men start to do something. As they movie their hands, virtual equipment appears around their heads and hands, and their bodies are surrounded by static-y light in orange/red, blue, and yellow. 
BOTH: We quickly learn that the men in the building are controlling some sort of mechanical equipment that is out in the desert that all of the strange people have come to see. It turns out they they are robotic dogs - racing robot greyhounds. The people in the desert have come to watch (and presumably bet on) the race, and the men in the building are controlling the dogs through the music they create with their futuristic equipment. 
DESERT: A woman in yellow looks through a large telescope at the robot dogs, while another woman drops a small floating device which acts as the mechanical rabbit in traditional greyhound tracks. The race begins and the three dogs (one for each man in the dark building) sprint off at amazing speeds as they chase the floating "rabbit". One of the dogs trips because of a mistake the man in blue makes, but he gets back up and continues. As they cross the finish line, a camera (set up by the guy in the beginning) snaps a picture and a Polaroid falls to the ground. It was literally a photo finish with each dog's nose exactly even as they cross the line.

Written Text

Absolut Vodka Presents Absolut Greyhound. A drink with new music by Swedish House Mafia. 
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Absolute Vodka 
Greyhound, Grey Hound, Grayhound, Gray Hound

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