This commercial shows a woman sitting at the kitchen table staring down a chocolate Easter bunny. It's night time, and she is craving the chocolate, but doing her best to resist her desire for sweetness. She ends up losing, and biting his ears and part of his head off before going to bed. 
With Truvia, she can get all the sweetness she wants for zero calories and skip the chocolate next time.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Truvia - honestly sweet. 
Hush little bunny don't say a word 
Used to be enemies that's absurd 
A nibble on your ear, used to keep me up all night 
Now our relationship can be nice and bright 
Yes my chocolate friend my struggle's through 
When I bite your head off, I still love you 
Now I have Truvia and I've been set free 
Natural sweetness from a leaf that's zero calories 
It's easy to enjoy, it tastes really great 
It helps me balance out what I've got on my plate 
Now I can indulge in the things I adore 
I don't have to wrestle with sweetness anymore

Written Text

Truvia - Natural. Great-tasting. Zero-calorie. From the stevia leaf.

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