This commercial for features Aurora Guerrero, the director of the film Mosquita y Mari.

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My name is Aurora Guerrero, and I make films about real people and real places. My feature film is a story about two 15 year old chicanas who are growing up in southeast L.A.. When it was time for us to shoot, the community of Huntington Park really got behind this film. They were vouching for the project, they were vouching for me. Got people to open up their homes and got us into stores. We saw over 300 young latinas for the film. I got a call from Sundance, and they told me that they wanted to screen Mosquita y Mari and that they were realy excited about it. And I didn't know what to say, I was just like, really? This is it. This is now. This is the heavens saying, Aurora, OK. You're up.

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Mosquita y Mari

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