This commercial begins at the top of a large circular building. While looking down through the middle of the building, we can see that there is a car driving around in circles on each level. We then see people using apps for their insurance and watch a car move along with GPS. The car becomes real, and we see that it is an esurance claims vehicle.

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What if an entire car insurance company was thought up, and built, and run to save people money? What if that company was born online with tools and apps to make people feel like geniuses? And what if that company was now backed by the stability and reliability of Allstate. What if that company was esurance and this wasn't just a bunch of hypothetical questions? Could be cool-ish. esurance - insurance for the modern world. Click or call.

Written Text

E-Star Auto Body Shop 
esurance - an Allstate Company - no more what ifs 
esurance - insurance for the modern world 
AllState, All State, esurance, e-surance

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