This commercial features David Beckham (soccer), Lionel Messi (basketball), Derrick Rose (soccer), and Katy Perry (singer) as well as countless other amateur athletes running in their Adidas shoes. There are shots of people getting ready for a marathon or other race including people in wacky costumes like a parrot and robot. They show what various people are doing at the same instant in time, but in various time zones. For example, while it is 13:14 (1:14pm) in Chicago, IL, USA, it is 23:14 (11:14pm) in Moscow, Russia. Regardless of the time of day, people are training throughout the world in their Adidas running shoes.

Written Text

Chicago 13:14 
London 19:14 
Buenos Aires 16:14 
Moscow 23:14 
Los Angeles 11:14 
San Francisco 11:14 
Sun - Britain Prepares for 2012 
Adidas is all in. 
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