"Kia Soul Clay Pigeons" This commercial begins with someone working a skeet shooter in an open field. A woman can be heard yelling, "PULL!", and when the disc is fired, it is quickly shot down. Three men with their shotguns and hunting dogs are out watching and are amazed by the accuracy of the shooter. When we finally get to see her, it turns out to be professional women's golfer, Michelle Wie. She is not firing a gun, but is instead teeing up a golf ball and hitting the disc with her golf drive. When she is done, she gets in her Kia Soul and drives off with rap music playing while the hunting dogs collect her golf balls.

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Pull! Pull! Good Lord. Pull! (Lyrics) Boy you think you hit it Oh no you didn't No way, no how, we're gonna show you now

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Kia Soul Kia Soul + Michelle Wie A new way to roll

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