This commercial shows a young business woman finishing up her lunch (a falafel) in the lobby of a building. She sees her boss getting on the elevator, and she rushes to catch him before the doors close. As she gets in the elevator, a giant falafel walks in behind her and gets in between her and her boss. The man in the food costume is supposed to represent her bad breath and how she is now trapped in an elevator with this embarrassing smell.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mr. Porker! Sir, can I get you to sign off on the Johnson case? 
Excuse me. 
Falafel. Yeah, yeah, love you too. 
Don't let food hang around. Clean it up with Orbit. Fabulous! For a good clean feeling after any meal. Eat, drink, chew Orbit. 
We built this city 
We built this city on rock and roll 
Don't you remember?

Written Text

A good clean feeling 
Eat, drink, chew Orbit 
Falafel, taco, pita, wrap, meatball

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