This commercial shows people getting a piece of Trident gum and is a large montage of seemingly unrelated actions. As the people chew the gum, colorful animations appear around them. A stop-motion segment of the commercial shows several people all dressed in different one-color outfits (green, blue, yellow, orange, red, and pink) move through a city. Because it is stop motion, they seem to move without actually walking, and make various patterns with how they are lined up. Another scene shows a man skipping work by running away from the bus stop to have fun while another shows a couple playing in the ocean. As the man throws his girlfriend into the water, the scene changes to a group of kids who have jumped into the water and are now swimming to the surface. Later a huge pillow fight erupts and feathers from the ripped pillows fly everywhere. A group of friends run down the street with (and in) a shopping cart, and the man who skipped work is shown jumping into a pool with all his clothes and still holding his briefcase as a stream of papers follows behind him. An old man drives around a tiny motorcycle on a bike path, and kids run up a hill with colorful blanks blowing in the wind behind them. A mother and son are shown dressed up as a super hero and an astronaut, and people are also shown at a carnival and riding a roller coaster. At the end, people are shown riding around bicycles at night covered in glow sticks, and other people are holding sparklers.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It starts small. It's Trident gum. You open it up, pop it in, and all of a sudden, things are happening. It's like a smile for your brain that starts in your mouth. It tickles up your spine and punches you in the face. A good kind of punch. One that makes you feel alive. You follow that feeling, and suddenly in the moment, it's more than gum. Maybe it's a spark. 
Maybe it's the spark that lights a fuse that makes you jump in a pool with your clothes on. It gets you zigging when the world zags. Every chew can take you somewhere new. New friends, new stories, new this's, new that's, new whatever's. So yeah, maybe it's more than just a little piece of gum. Trident. See what unfolds. 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Written Text

Fun This Way 
Maybe it's a spark 
See what unfolds 
Trident Layers 

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