This commercial features retired professional basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal (aka Shaq) talking about how the Buick LaCrosse big on luxury and fuel efficiency. If there is anyone who knows about "big", it's Shaq.

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Shaq: I may have retired from the game, but not from being big. Good thing one car gives me full-sized luxury and 36 miles per gallon. Which is nice because I've got shoes that are bigger than most hybrids... and more stylish too. If you don't know the luxurious but fuel efficient LaCrosse, you don't know Buick.  
Announcer: Get two years of premium services with nothing due at lease signing. From the EPA estimated 36 highway MPG Buick LaCrosse with eAssist. Consider it a new lease on luxury. 
Oh sometimes, I get a good feeling

Written Text

Shaq, Size Authority 
Experience Buick Lease 
Two Years of Maintenance, OnStar, SiriusXM 
2012 Buick LaCrossse with eAssist 
Shaq ONeal, Shack, Buick LaCross, Buick La Crosse, Buick La Cross, Buick La-Crosse, Buick La-Cross

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