This commercial basically shows a music video for rap/R&B artist, B.o.B (Bobby Ray Simmons). He is singing one of his newer singles, "So Good". At the end, he comes on to tell us that you can get an exclusive version of the album with extra tracks at Target.

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It's B.o.B, Bobby Ray, pick up my new album, Strange Clouds, with five exclusive tracks on May 1 only at Target. (Lyrics) Girl tell me how you feel What your fantasy I see us on a beach down in Mexico You can put your feet up Be my senorita We ain't gotta rush Just take it slow You'll be in the high life Soaking up the sunlight Anything you want is yours I had you living life like you should You say you never had it so good

Written Text

B.o.B Strange Clouds Exclusive Tracks only at Target Available May 1

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performed by B.o.B; features Rivers Cuomo

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New York, New York
performed by B.o.B

Price Tag
performed by Jessie J; features B.o.B

Created a Monster
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I've Gotta Be Me
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