Two guys, a cheetah and a rhinoceros are in a bar, The Watering Hole, talking about women. The cheetah is upset that he has lost his game now that Mio Energy is so popular, giving everyone extra energy.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This Mio Energy is completely crushing my game. I love it! I take this stuff everywhere. Exactly. Everyone's more energized, more alert. I've lost their respect. Last night, I hit on a dirty hyena and she laughed in my face. Oh that's nasty. Remember when I used to be it? I was the man! You need to track a gazelle down for dinner, you came to me! Oh, who's laughing now? Gazelle! A ha ha ha ha! Personal, portable Mio Energy. Shake things up.

Written Text

Mio. Shake things up.

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