This commercial begins with a man jogging on the street with a basset hound following him as he runs. He passes a fruit stand and almost knocks over a man unloading tomatoes from a truck. Next we see a rapper who is riding on a bus or train followed by an image of a woman riding topless on a motorcycle (SFW). The guy on the bus stands up and starts singing as he walks by a woman with the bus/subway route tattooed on her stomach. Soon the bus looks like a night club with lights and everyone dancing. We jump back to the runner, and now he is training and doing sit-ups. We then see him on the soccer/football field and he kicks a goal from the midpoint of the field. We see a man at a restaurant reading about how this new soccer player is the "New Beckham", and the person reading the paper turns out to be David Beckham himself, and he laughs at the headline. Next are two girls getting their picture taken on the street. Soon this girl is on all the fashion blogs and becomes the designer for Great Britain's (UK's) Olympic uniforms. At the end, the wrapper goes up to a rooftop party, hangs out, and watches fireworks.

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(Lyrics) A.K.A Mr. Wretch And your up next Greatness is made in the city I'm from (Huh) The whole scene came from the city I'm from (Yeah) The city I'm from got mini icons You could sign a deal You ain't got to sign up Young boy practicing kick-ups in the park Now he's the one you gotta keep your eyes on What a nice shot Just a time bomb Tick tick every box let em' get their type on. Young girl started out dressing up the Mannequin Now she got her clothes in the shop, she fashionin' Seeing is the proof And the proof unravels when your good at shooting hoops and you end up travelin' Sick You alright See I was hardly the man But now my Facebook's got an army of fans Remember to not forget me When I have achieved all of my dreams The stage is where greatness is made And your up next, lets take it away

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All 2012 presents Adidas New Roundabout Ahead New Beckham spotted at Hackney Marshes - New Beckham - News Picture Exclusive! F. Cooke Great Britain Jaguar Shoes Blue is the New Black Stripes Spots & Tartan - True Blue - Team GB by Stella YouTube - Crazy dunk at Turnpike Lane! Los Angeles Commemorative Annual 1984 Adi Does. Take the Stage #TakeTheStage

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