The commercial begins with showing a woman's upper torso, covered in a white wrap or shawl. A man steps next to her and takes the wrap off of the woman's shoulders, revealing a white tank top underneath. The man runs his fingers across the woman's soft, moisturized skin.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Irresistibly touchable skin, hour after hour. 
It all starts with new 48-Hour Nivea Extended Moisture. Nivea. touch and be touched. 
(Lyrics) Oh, It's like I can feel 
It's like I can touch 
And I can embrace 
For the first time 
For the first time 
For the first time

Written Text

John Legend "For the First Time" 
New 48-Hour Extended Moisture 
Nivea. Touch and Be Touched.

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