"Living the Dream" This commercial shows a group of guys trying to lose weight. They get up early to go for a run, have a salad for lunch, work out at the gym (including getting beat up by a woman boxing instructor). For all their hard work, they get to have Miller 64 as part of their beach barbecue dinner because it's not bad for you.

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(Lyrics) We run a mile before breakfast Sure, I had a salad for lunch But a Miller 64 at dinner Oh yes 'cause I've worked on my punch 'Cause we live a life of balance And no one can say that we're wrong So here's to good Miller who cut out the filler and made a beer worthy of song To Miller 64 To Miller 64 To love, sweat and beers and well-deserved cheers To Miller 64

Written Text

Miller 64 Brewed For The Better You.

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