"A Little Extra" This commercial begins with a man singing in the style of an old drinking song. The video shows a man walking to work. He never goes to the gym, but he gets a workout every day by taking the stairs, "lifting weights" with the giant water cooler's water bottles at work, and sitting on a workout ball instead of a chair. In addition to working out, the guy and his coworkers like to have fun at work - they have chair races, and even play basketball with that huge yoga ball with one man slam dunking it into a dumpster.

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(Lyrics) I've never been one for the gym some may say But I still get my workout each day To create a physique that is better than fair For my desk at work I have a ball for a chair The girl from accounting just can't reach up there For a Miller 64 no effort we'll spare To Miller 64 To Miller 64 To toils and sweat beer with less regret To Miller 64

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