The commercial features a black labrador retriever, walking through a grassy area with a green tennis ball in his mouth, and his owner, following closely behind. The man and his dog walk together, playing with the tennis ball, as the black lab eagerly explains finding the tennis ball on a walk, and playing with his owner, making him smile.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's our favorite. Yours and mine. Because we found it, together, on a walk, walk, walk. Love to walk. A long walk. A walk with you. A walk I smelled squirrels on. But I stayed by your side because I could tell, could feel, that you had a bad day, and me being bad wouldn't make it any better. But being there was already helping a little anyway. And then, we found that wonderful thing, waiting there. Waiting for you and me. And you smiled, and threw it. And I decided right when I picked it up, I would never ever leave it anywhere. Ever. Because that wonderful, bouncy, roll around thing had made you play. And that made you smile.  
Put more play in your day. Beneful. Play. It's good for you.

Written Text

Play. It's good for you.

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