This commercial begins with an image of a waffle. The camera zooms in and one of the waffle squares opens up and shows a scene with a family eating outside. A little girl holds up a bagel and the camera zooms into the hole to show another scene with a field full of flowers. The flowers turn into a fresh table cloth with a coffee cup on it. The camera zooms in again, this time to the coffee cup and we see a plug where someone plugs in their phone in a hotel room and kids are jumping on the bed.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like - and does. It you're here, that is. Feel the fun, feel the Hamptonality.

Written Text

Free Hot Breakfast 
Clean and Fresh Duvet 
Free Hot Coffee 24/7 
Free Hot Breakfast 
Clean and Fresh Bed 
100% Hapton Guarantee 
Hampton - Feel the Hamptonality

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