This black and white commercial shows Godzilla destroying a city. He is clearly very angry, and a blonde woman seems to think he is looking for something. He picks up a gasoline tanker truck and drinks what's inside, but isn't satisfied. Next he picks up a train car tanker full of lemonade and isn't satisfied with that either. He finally finds a giant advertisement can of Dr. Pepper on the roof of a building and drinks that and is happy. At the end, Godzilla burps with satisfaction.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The monster! Godzilla! The monster! 
We must stop Godzilla before he destroys the city. 
Oh! What could he want? 
Unless we can find something to appease him... we're doomed! 
Hold out, hold out 
For the out of the ordinary 
Hold out for Dr. Pepper

Written Text

Dr. Pepper 
Hold out - Dr. Pepper

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This Movie Series is referred to by Dr. Pepper Commercial
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Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown

This Movie refers to Dr. Pepper Commercial
A parody of this commercial is showns in this "Charlie Brown" movie.
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