"State of Fandom / Fancam" This commercial shows two friends in the stands at a basketball game. During a time-out, they realize that they are on the "Fan-Cam" (the big monitor in the middle of the arena). They stand up like it's no big deal, and start doing a whole dance routine

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Thanks for the ticket man. Thanks to my State Farm agent for saving me 480 bucks. No sweat. Hey look, we're on Fan Cam. That extra cash sure helps. And I can save you even more by combining your auto and renter's policies. Cool. But what if we bought a house? Auto and home? We have even bigger savings for that. Wow. Sounds good. More savings, any way you shake it. Want to get some nachos? Sure. Get to a better State - State Farm (Lyrics) Y'all ready for this?

Written Text

State Farm, StateFarm Time Out Combine and save. Get to a better State. Auto, Home, Life, Bank

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