This commercial shows how a man wins back the woman that got away - partially using the web to do so. The commercial begins with a woman named "Jen" getting an email in her Gmail account from a buy named "Mark". He asks her out for coffee and sends a Google Docs attachments with "Reasons to say Yes". The document itself contains more links and attachments including picture a picture of "Big Jim's Taco Hut", a video of a roller coaster, an image of Jen holding a lobster, a video of her getting woken up by a sock puppet, a video riding a tiny merry-go-round, an image of them dressed up for Halloween as jars of peanut butter and jelly, and a picture of Mark using Jen's hair as a mustache. One of the links from the document is in Italian, and she has to click the translate button in Chrome to translate it to English. After it changes and she clicks on it, it takes her to a Google Earth / Google Maps link of the Colosseum in Rome, followed by a video of them riding a scooter around the city. Another link causes tons of "pins" to fall onto a Google Map, one of which shows a picture of a city bench "where things fell apart". Another picture was of Mark's office/cubical where he spent too much of his time, and another picture is where he should have spent more time - sitting on a dock with Jen.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What is wrong with you? 
Sorry 'bout those things I said before 
Sorry about those things I said before 
People come and people go 
People come by now you know 
And I’m sorry all about all those things 
One day you will realize 
How sorry I was that you had to go 
Take away the sun, you can't see no moon 
(Sounds like: Take away the sun, you can't see no more) 
Take away the sun, you can't see no moon 
Need the one to see them both 
Need the one by now you know 
Take away the sun you can't see no moon 
Knew that you had to leave me 
But I'm sorry that you had to go so soon 
And I wish I could turn these days to weeks 
I wish I could turn these days to weeks

Written Text - Hey Jen, I know this is out of the blue... but I still hate how things ended. Can we meet for coffee? 
I've shared a doc: Reasons to say "Yes" 
Because even though I messed up our first date... 
Big Jim's Taco Tent 
Our second date was perfect. 
...every ride before the rain rolled in, and didn't even care when we got... 
Because you were a good sport. 
...couple years without you. To be honest, ever since we broke up, ... like a pirate without a sholder parrot. Or a book with no bookmark. 
Because we made a great pair. 
Peanut Butter / Jelly 
Perche me manca il mio compagno di viaggio. 
I miss the girl who had no problem hopping on a last-second train to a country we'd never heard of. Or hitchhiking from Barcelona to Rome after the French... 
Translate - Because I miss my travel buddy. 
Times you were right: 11th St. is one way, you can't cry in space, your brother is a decent DJ, that wasn't a taco, corduroy's not making a comeback, Tahoe is west of LA, hippo milk is pink, I talk in my sleep, there's an ATM in Antarctica, your ARE 1/16 Iroquois 
Times I was right: cats have molars 
Everywhere I go I think about you. 
The coffee shop. Or the Park. Or the bookstore. Or that diner with the waitress who tells eve... 'mom." Remember that? We made a lot of friends there. Funny how I always met people I like 
Where things fell apart. Last updated by Mark 
Because your friends became my friends. 
it would "put hair on my chest". Or your brother, and how he hated it when ... uncle, and all of his crazy stories about the '80s. I really miss them. 
from our friends - We miss you guys 
Because I should've spent less time here. I was always happiest when I was with you, but for whatever reason I just wasn't with you enough. It's like I hadn't earned the right to be as happy 
I just shoud've found a way to be around you more. Jobs ... but you were the one thing that made me who I am. I should... 
And more time here. 
Having to live without you has made me realize how much 
your your space when you want it, but when you need me, I'll always ... told, I don't deserve you, because there's no way anyone could ... But if I get the chance, I'll do my best to be everything you deserve... 
How about that coffee? 
Mark Potter, fingers crossed 
The web is what you make of it 

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