This commercial begins with a woman walking out of a "dressing room" while wearing an unusual outfit with mirrors and plastic pieces attached to her clothes. All of a sudden she falls and as she begins to freefall, a huge white cargo plane its propellers can be seen above. Several people follow behind her including men with lights on their heads, people with red smoke coming out of something on their feet (smokers), and a man named Nick who is tandem skydiving with someone. Nick is holding the new HTC One camera phone. He is a photography student, and he is doing a fashion photo shoot while free-falling and he is using only this phone to do it. He directs the other skydivers into place while they are falling at over 100 miles per hour. They even put makeup on the girl during the fall. In the end, he gets his perfect shot, and uploads the pictures before he hits the ground in the desert.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Nick is a photography student. A photography student falling at 126 miles per hour. A hundred and twenty six MPH on his first photo shoot. He's recording video and trying to get the perfect photo at the same time, then uploading it before hitting the ground. And Nick's doing all this on a phone. The HTC One as recommended by Nick Jojola.

Written Text

The HTC One as recommended by Nick Jojola. HTC Quietly Brilliant Watch Nick's Story Online HTC One, HTC1, HTC 1, HtcOne

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