Intel Ultrabook Commercial

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The commercial begins in an old west town center, where a cowboy walks into a saloon, carrying his old, clunky laptop under his arm. As he reaches his saloon table, he plunks the laptop down, dust flying in the air. Another man, sitting at the same table, is hitting keys on his laptop, frustrated that it runs so slowly. On stage, there are three women dancing the Can Can, when a modern day young man enters the saloon, carrying an ultrabook, powered by Intel. Everything goes silent in the saloon as the young man works quickly on his laptop. The cowboy stands up, hand ready to draw his pistol, asking the young man if he thinks he's pretty quick. The young man agrees, as the two make eye contact with each other. A voice in the background calls for Jesse several times before the scene switches back to modern day, inside a coffee shop. The cowboy, Jesse, picks up his coffee and leaves the store, causing the young man with the curly hair and yellow and purple jacket to look around suspiciously, realizing that he is not in the Wild Wild West after all.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Dern it, this thing's slower than a 3-legged mule. Y'all need to put that thing out of it's misery. Bet you think you're pretty quick. Yeah, I guess it is pretty quick. Jesse! Jesse! Jesse? Much obliged. Suddenly, everything else seems old fashioned. Ultrabook. Inspired by Intel.

Written Text

Ultrabook Inspired by Intel

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