This commercial begins with Robert Griffin III (RGIII / RG3), NFL quarterback for the Washington Redskins, spinning a football at a football stadium. We then see him talking to a family in their living room through the TV, and then another shot shows him training on the field by running with parachutes strapped to his back. Next he is talking on the television while people in a bar watch him followed by indoor training. More people watch him on TV in the gym while he is there himself working out by hopping over benches. Next he is seen running the stairs in a stadium. At the end, RG3 is "holding" an Adidas shoe that is actually floating above his hand because it is so light.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

They say expectations are heavy. The spotlight, they say it weighs a ton, and that pressure weighs even more. They say the weight of it all can break you. It's heavy - crazy heavy. They say I have no idea what something that heavy can do. I say they have no idea what light can do. 
The Adidas Adizero Sonic - only at Dick's Sporting Goods

Written Text

Adidas Adizero Sonic 
Every Ounce. 
Every Step. 
Every Season. 
Every Season starts at Dick's Sporting Goods

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