This commercial begins with a fancy, but boring party in the mid 1600's. Everyone is dressed in their Restoration era clothing and style - women in large dresses, men with white wigs. Everyone is doing a formal dance with precise steps and partner changes. The camera singles in on a young woman who is dancing with an old man. She clearly is not enjoying herself, but the old man thinks he can have his way with her. When they change partners, Captain Morgan becomes the beautiful brunette's dance partner, and he quickly grabs her hand and runs out of the room with her as a rock song begins to play. They race down the hall where the Captain pushes through a secret spinning wall. They run down a dark spiral staircase together and then through a basement/dungeon hallway. They collapse into a chair or throne that is sitting by itself. When they do, this activates a second secret passage which opens into a room with a fun (and not so formal) party going on. People are eating, drinking, making out, messing around with cards, and even a snake that two people are playing with. Captain Morgan gets a knowing nod from one of the men, he pinches out a black candle, and they all drink a toast together.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Step into the Black. The new dark, bolder spiced rum from Captain Morgan 
I trust you in my home, you rascal, you.  
Said, I trust you in my home, you rascal, you.  
You know, I trust you in my home,  
You wouldn't leave my wife alone.  
I'll be glad when you dead, you rascal, you! 

Written Text

Captain Morgan 
Port Royal, 1661 
Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum 
Raise a Glass. Always in Moderation.

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