In this animated commercial for Fanta, the bottle of orange Fanta is used to see the world in a different way. When looking through the Fanta bottle, an ordinary flower changes into a beautiful blossom. A dog catches a frisbee that is turned into a flying orange slice. Hamburgers being cooked on a grill, are flipped into the air, turning into orange slices. Glasses are transformed into orange slices. A band plays at an outdoor ampitheatre while everyone dances around, drinking their orange Fanta soda.

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(Lyrics) I'm lookin' 'round and I'm liking what I see Everybody's coming 'round dancing next to me Feels so good wanna turn it up I throw my hands up Baby I'm with you Baby you're with me Baby I'm with you

Written Text

Caffeine Free Orange Fanta More Fanta. Less Serious. 100% Natural Flavors

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Fanta Commercial